Xtreme Luxury Weight Loss Bootcamp

The Complete Xtreme Experience With Luxury Accommodation & Facilities

If you are sick and tired of following diet after diet and fad after fad, but now are in a position where you want to get serious and permanent weight loss results, Xtreme Luxury Weight Loss Bootcamp is the right place for you! Join part of the bootcamp brand that has been leading the world in fat camps, weight loss retreats and fitness bootcamps!

Xtreme Luxury Bootcamps PROMISES to help you achieve ultimate weight loss with no more fads or diets!

Who Comes To Xtreme Luxury Weight Loss Bootcamps?

Clients come from all over the world who are looking for the Xtreme Bootcamps knowledge, style and passion but want a luxury element side to their bootcamp. The luxury bootcamp focuses more on pure weight loss through fitness and nutrition and is less intense than the Xtreme Bootcamps standard camps

What's The Difference Between The Fitness and Luxury Bootcamp?

Our ethos, values and education do not change with either bootcamp. The luxury bootcamp is less intense and focuses purely on achieving successful and sustainable weight loss. The accommodation is complete luxury and you get access to outstanding facilities such as luxury lounges and hot tubs with spas

What Will I Be Doing On The Luxury Weight Loss Bootcamp

You will do a huge variety of training and activities that will support you on your fitness journey. Expect to be doing HIIT, Tabata, circuits, Boxing, Challenges, running, hiking, seminars, weight training, yoga, pilates, PHA training and games! As a result, expect your stay to be jam packed with activities!

The Weight Loss Bootcamp With a Difference!

We have been running weight loss boot camps and retreats, fat camps and gyms since 2013. Consequently, the team are extremely blessed and fortunate to have worked with 1000’s of people from all around the world to achieve successful weight loss and fat loss goals. We know first hand the stresses of trying to be healthy while juggling family, friends and careers. That is why the only way to achieve a successful weight loss journey is learning how your body works and what it needs! Therefore, we will empower you with this knowledge in a basic and uncomplicated way. As a result, you can then continue you life with the power and confidence knowing you never need to diet or follow a fad ever again!

Here at Xtreme Luxury Bootcamps we cater for all dietary requirements. However, we promise we will not starve, deprive or put you on a strict diet like other bootcamps! That goes against our ethos! Therefore, you will eat wholesome healthy and award winning food created by our very own award winning chefs!

Xtreme Luxury!

Being healthy starts with us! However, do not be mistaken into thinking that your food will be boring! Food is a staple part of our livelihoods and we will show you how to eat your favourite foods and drinks and still lose weight! Importantly, your food at Xtreme Luxury Bootcamps is prepared by our award winning chefs. Therefore, you can expect to eat some of the best foods you have ever tasted. Additionally, your days of training will be tough and demanding so there is noting better than chilling in our hot tubs and Jacuzzis to end the day at your weight loss camp!

There is no other fitness camp that does luxury like Xtreme! Double beds, en-suites, glorious country side locations, games rooms and jacuzzis will all be available at your stay, Therefore you have plenty of opportunity to wind down, recover and recoup after a demanding day of training

Take Control Of Your Health With Xtreme!

Clients come to us from all around the world because they feel they have lost control of their health mentally and physically. They have tried what they believe to be everything, including other fat camps and weight loss retreats to lose weight. Consequently, they are close to, if they have not already, hitting rock bottom. However, in as little as a week we empower, give confidence and kick start clients need to take back control of their health and lives! 

As a result, you will leave Xtreme Luxury Bootcamps in a much healthier state mentally and physically then you ever thought you

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