12 Month Transformation

The Ultimate Transformation Package

Are you looking to make a complete transformation physically, mentally and get the ultimate guidance and support?

Or are you looking for 12 months of ultimate training with the Xtreme Team?

Receive the ultimate training package through numerous residential stays and online training over a 12 month period with experts in physical and mental wellbeing to put your life back on track!


Who Is It For?

This transformation program is for anyone who needs a drastic change in their behaviour and relationship with health, exercise and food. We have worked with thousands of people all over the world who need to "fix" themselves so they can successfully and happily get back to living a prosperous life. People who use this program have suffered with addictions to food or substances and started the recovery, suffer poor mental health due to their physical health, are severely overweight and need to change to increase life expectancy, have or are developing health related issues due to their weight such as diabetes, blood pressure, difficulty starting a family, lost all or suffer with low self esteem.

What Will I Do?

The whole transformation program lasts 12 months and during the 12 months you will stay with us for 4 weeks (spread throughout the year) and work closely online with James while you are at home to ensure you keep on track and keep developing yourself. During your residential week stays you will do lots of training and work on yourself mentally and physically with James. Towards the end of your stay you will create programs and nutrition plans with the assistance of the team which you will carry on when you go home until the next camp. While you are at home you will have monthly check ins with James to catch up on your progress and make adjustments where needed. You will receive 24/7 support through various means of contact (your preference) throughout the whole 12 months to ensure you stay on track!

Why Use Xtreme?

James and his team have helped thousands of people throughout the years achieve health and fitness in a fun and sustainable way. The mental aspect of being healthy is just as important as the physical side and not only do the team teach and show people through knowledge and research they once also battled the side of bad mental and physical health. Xtreme has a raw passion for helping people and have the resources and knowledge to reach people all around the world! There is no "quick fix" to successfully transforming your life and Xtreme know that, however investing yourself to work with Xtreme for 12 months will give you results and happiness for a lifetime! Xtreme will not "beat" it out of you or "shout" at you until you change instead James and his team will delve into your mind and work with you to change how you view life, your surroundings and behaviours consciously and subconsciously! Xtreme PROMISE if you complete this program your transformation will CHANGE your life forever!

How Does the 12 Month Transformation Work?

Step 1

Upon booking you will choose some of the 4 weeks you are going to attend. You will start your 12 month transformation on a residential week.

Step 2 

Your 12 months transformation will start on the first residential week. On this week you will complete our bootcamp program and train with James. These weeks are designed to push, educate and experience all different styles of training and exercise. Towards to end of your stay you will goal set your training and nutrition plan with James which will carry on at home until the next residential. You will notice a huge difference in your ability in the action packed week and every residential will constantly be making progress on your journey. Towards to end of every stay you will goal set and plan with James your training and nutrition plan to keep making progress on your journey!

Step 3

At the end of every residential you will have a personalised nutrition and training program that you will have worked with James to create. The training and nutrition will fit into your lifestyle and goals at home. Every single workout will have video demonstration and program card so you know exactly what you are doing and nutrition will be in a personalised cook book with instructions and quantities included! 

Step 4

After every residential you will have a plan you will follow at home with nutrition and training. Every month you will fill in a check in sheet and have online check in (video call) with James to discuss the check in stats and to catch up. From then adjustments or changes will be made where needed. These check ins are designed to keep you track and have quality time with James to ensure you hitting targets. As well as that you will receive 24/7 support from James and his team if you need it.

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