This article in the Daily Mail is a must read:

The dark side to juicing: Swapping meals for a liquid diet ‘can lead to migraines, fertility problems and liver damage’

As a fitness expert I cannot stress enough the need to eat whole healthy foods! Sorry guys liquid diets do not work in the long term and this article supports it!

Did cavemen and humans eat liquid meals hundreds of years ago? No, they just did not put crap in their mouths to get to a size where people believe these fad diets will get them. Look at athletes all over the world, they eat extremely healthy and do not use “juice diets.”

Guys at the enJuice articled the day nutrition is so simple and believe it or not is cheap! Do not waste money on the new craze publicised by ill educated people. Do what you know deep down is right!


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The Dark Side to Juicing
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