Online Personal Training

Get results anywhere in the world with Xtreme Online Personal Training. Work with James and the team as your personal trainers online 24/7 to build your perfect body. Whether it’s on our Xtreme Bootcamps Residential, the Xtreme Academy or Xtreme Online Coaching our ethos does not change. We will guide you to your dream body and fitness through fun, creative and evidence based training. We will completely tailor the program to your specific needs, so you don’t necessarily need a gym or any equipment. Xtreme Online Coaching is completely tailored to fit into your lifestyle and ensure it is sustainable and successful. 

What’s included

Bespoke training programs

Macro and nutritional breakdown

Free access to the Xtreme Academy

Train live with James

Monthly check ins and video calls

£149 a month

How Does Online Personal Training Work?

Step 1 - Sign up

Upon signing up you will receive a transformation questionnaire and arrange an online appointment with James to go through the questionnaire and answer any questions you may have. The price is £149 a month

Step 2 - Receive programs

You will receive your training programs and video tutorials where necessary. You will get your marco and nutritional breakdown completely tailored to your goals

Step 3 - Complete your programs

Your programs and nutrition will be for 4 weeks so it's over to you to complete the programs, James will be available for support whenever you need it. The programs will be split down to a week by week basis and will be completely structured to your routine and lifestyle.

Step 4 - Check in

You will fill in your check in sheet and have a online appointment with James to go through the process. New programs and updated nutrition breakdown will then be provided so you are ready to continue making process the following 4 weeks.

Any questions? Or want to have a chat about Xtreme Online Personal Training? Simply fill in the form here or send a WhatsApp on the green tab!

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