Lose weight eating ice-cream! 

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I got your attention right? So can you really lose weight eating ice cream?!

The answer is YES you can!!!

However, before you send Ben and Jerry’s sale revenues to an all-time high, hear me out!

I have so many people come into my boot camps and gym feeling really excited and proud to be starting their new healthy lifestyle. They are telling me they have switched to a diet of just natural foods and cannot wait for this drastic results that are coming.salad-1812349_1920

But, when I ask how much are they eating and do they know their calorie consumption I get a very confused look back. They believe all they need to do is eat healthy and that eating salad and fresh vegetables all day will get them the body they want!  Sorry to bust your bubble but I am afraid it is not as straight forward as that!

Losing weight simply is an equation of calories in (food and drink) and calories out (activity and BMR). As long as your calorie output is greater than your calorie intake you will lose weight. It does not matter if your calories come from ice cream or a fish salad! So you see, you can lose weight eating ice-cream!

I will be challenged by other fitness professionals about insulin sensitive foods and arguments that it does matters where the calories come from. But the crux of simple weight loss is that it does not matter where the calories come from.

Now do not get over excited and go nuts, I certainly do not advocate a diet of just ice-cream and desserts! We need to look after our body. Just being skinny or having a good BMI does not mean that you are healthy! A balanced diet is needed to ensure you get all the vitamins you need for long term health.

What I am saying here is that if weight loss is your goal, do not just assume that moving to any sort of particular food is enough. Always look at the calories and make sure that you are exercising to burn enough calories to reach those goals.

ice-cream-cone-1274894_1920James Evans is a level 5 personal trainer with extensive experience in helping clients with their nutrition as well as fitness programmes. He offers on-line nutrition plans for anyone wanting a personalised plan. 

Lose Weight Eating Ice-Cream!
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