The Telegraph reported this month that our children’s fitness levels are wiped out over the Summer Holidays where children are less active. You can read the full article here.

So here are a few Lazy kids 1ideas to help you to keep your kids active during the holidays:

  • Workout with your child. If your exercises are body weight or you are doing some CV there is no reason your children cannot do it too. Its a great way to bond and it shows parents leading by example
  • Look at kids clubs. Martial arts, dance schools and activity centres regularly do extra activities inthe summer so ask your school or local classes what they are doing
  • Restrict being indoors and playing consoles to only a short period of time a day and have them go outdoors, socialize and explore the world. Let you child be a child
  • Have them do some housework or chores. Send them walking to the shops and carrying the shopping home
  • Have them mow the lawn, as well as the exercise it gets them in the fresh air
  • Play outdoor games in the garden. Football, basketball, Frisbee, anything that you can all enjoy together
Keeping our children active during the Summer Holidays

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