In this recent article we are rightly being told by Public Health England that smoothies should not be relied upon to provide one of your 5 a day. The reason being smoothies have a lot of fibre stripped from them and this means a lot of sugar remains which as we all know leads to fat gains! Always try to keep your fruit and veg fresh and natural. Its is very common for fitness professionals and athletes to take supplements to help reach their nutrient goals. Do not be shy from taking them however do not replace whole healthy foods for them.thumbnail_Eatwell_guide_colour

You can read the full New Eatwell Guide from Public Health England here.

I do have to disagree that 5 a day is adequate nowadays. The main reason being the quality of produce has dropped significantly since the 1970’s. 10-12 is  what most fitness professionals are going by these days and is certainly the rule we follow at Xtreme.

Do not rely on smoothies as part of your 5 a day!

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