Load of our clients use a calorie counter which have becomecalorie counter a massive craze at the moment! Calorie counters are used to tell us the calories we are burning whilst exercising or during the day. With all the new technology out there promising to count calories burnt and aid you on your fitness journey, we ask, are they totally reliable?

How are they counting the calories in the first place?

Well a calorie counter works through a pedometer and your BMR (the calories you burn resting).

Let us start with the pedometer. It counts your footsteps so it can be triggered and mis-count quite easily. Here are some examples.

  • calorie counterAs a PT when I am boxing with my clients when they hit me it triggers the calorie counter off. That is misleading and that can easily done in all walks of life.
  • If you are on a cross-trainer or bike where movements are smooth you will be burning calories but  a calorie counter device may not pick it up.
  • If you are running and go on a steep incline the calorie counter does not know this and you will be burning more calories in your legs then your technology tells you!
  • If you do exercises on the spot like in my fitness DVD a calorie counter will under estimate greatly the number of footsteps you have taken

BMR calculations are generic and even though a calorie counter will try and count in as many factors as possible it is impossible to get it exact to you as all humans are individuals! So do not take it as gospel.Calorie counter

What I would suggest… Yes you can use a calorie counter as a guideline to start your journey, but spend more time getting to know your body then your device. If you are not getting the desired results it is easy to blame the device and not yourself. Remember Spartan warriors did not have these devices and they are best warriors to have ever lived! Food for thought!!

James Evans

Should I be relying on a calorie counter?
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