MMA fighter and actor Alex Reid joins Xtreme Boot Camps training team!Adam, Alex and James

The next Xtreme Boot Camp is being held on 21-28 October 2017 in Malvern, Worcestershire. Clients will join Alex, James and Adam for a week of fitness training ranging from morning runs, HIIT sessions, military style circuits, boxing, swimming and Alex’s MMA workouts. There is also an extensive set of seminars that teach clients about nutrition and effective exercise for long term sustainable goals.

About Alex

Born in Aldershot, the youngest of six children, my father was a private in the army and boxer and mother a school governor. We had a close and supportive family environment which allowed me to explore my two major passions: acting and sport.

Alex ReidI was bullied at school and lacking in confidence, I was inspired to follow in my father’s footsteps and began to train, eat healthy and focus on martial arts.

Far from encouraging violence I found that the focus and discipline helped me discover a new level of spiritualism and peace.

I first got in to martial arts at 14 and with time turned to mixed martial arts: I started off when I was young doing kung fu and karate style tournaments then moved onto boxing and kickboxing and dabbled in a little bit of judo and jiu-jitsu. Mixed Martial Arts came as a natural progression for me as a young lad desperate to find the latest and best style.

I wanted to be like my father and coming from the home town of Aldershot I joined the Paras and went into the territorial army for several years.

I first entered into the world of media when I played the England footballing fiancé Jason Cunliffe of long-running character Jerry Cunningham on Hollyoaks in 2001. I later got shot to fame when I won the British people’s hearts and won Celebrity Big Brother in 2010. I now go around helping others to stay fit, live a longer and healthier life whilst smiling through hard work and seeing results. Alex 1

I want to share my knowledge from decades of the training and diets to army style fitness methods to over 20 years of fighting professionally as a MMA athlete winning over 300 fights and holding a European kickboxing title.

I have used my methods to keep me fit, not just for my sport but for health, my main passions and interests have always been in wellbeing and longevity and of course to help people change their lives.

I’ve done this by creating what I think is the only fitness program you’ll ever need and am so excited to bring this to Xtreme Boot Camps.

My programmes took months and months of research. My methods are so much more than workouts and diets…

It’s how thousands of people are getting the body they’ve always wanted AND the confidence that comes with it with the help of me and my amazing team, both with the highest expertise.

You’ll always have the information you need to have the sculpted, lean body you deserve. This has been the solution for me and for many people — and I want it to be the solution for you.

Read more about Alex at his website www.alexreidmma.co.uk

If you want to join Alex, James and Adam in October, you can book your space here
Alex Reid Joins Xtreme Boot Camps!
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