Paul came to Xtreme Boot Camps for a good kick up the backside*

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Xtreme Boot Camps as I’ve heard different stories about them and my partner has been to a few. She did try and give me a heads up, but nothing can get you prepared for an experience such as what you guys provide. Paul's Story

I would say you have to be really up to be physically and mentally pushed so make sure you’re in the right head space before you arrive. I was as I am 50 years old and needed a real good kick up the backside to get me back on track, so whatever it took, I was prepared to follow. Not as easy as it sounds. 

The tasks are physically challenging. Every day something different which works a different part of the body, but this makes the boot camp exciting. You just don’t know what’s coming from one day to the next and trust me, it’s best not too.  Read more

Reality TV Start Elissa Corrigan of Desperate Scousewives gives here thoughts.*

EliisaReality TV Star Elissa Corrigan of Desperate Scousewives lifts lid on Europes toughest militray-style boot camp after completing painful regime. It’s 10.30pm, pitch black and I’m lying face down in a murky swamp. I can only faintly make out the silhouette of a man in army camo, while he yells expletives at me, during a brutal circuit comprising hundreds of push-ups, burpees and sit ups. The water is so thick and dank, I can’t even see my hands. I try to forget my feeble muscles burning, the bitter cold and the bugs, instead, all I’m focusing on is – why did I volunteer to be here?  When I signed up for Xtreme Boot Camps – dubbed ‘Europe’s toughest military style bootcamp’ – I arrogantly assumed I’d be able to take the workouts in my stride. Being an avid gym bunny, a cross-fitter and considering I’ve completed four other military style camps with relative ease, I reasoned, how hard could this one be? Read the full story here

Xtreme Boot Camps was more than just training for one happy camper!*

“I registered and took part in the residential fitness bootcamp back in June 2015 after I had searched online for a bootcamp that would be challenging on a extreme level and Xtreme Boot Camps caught my eye and I was interested in a tough style of training!”

Gavin 1
“It was tough all round, morning to evening, but that is what I wanted in order to help me accomplish and achieve the results that I had set for myself. The trainers were great, friendly but tough on us when they needed to be. They were on hand to help us with any nutritional or physical problems we faced, as part of our training programme, or just in general.”
“I learnt a lot from the Xtreme Boot Gavn top row third from rightCamp about how to train effectively and how to reach my goals. I also got to mett a lot of great people. I have lifelong friends from the experience and some of them invited me to join them in Benidorm last November where we all did our half marathon together.”
“The experience I have been part of at the bootcamp has changed my whole aspect in training for the better as well as improving my social life! I thank you guys… James and Adam. The training, the bootcamp, the friends I have made…. I can’t fault any of it, it’s 10 out 10, and I look forward to seeing the Xtreme guys in 2016.”

Mark gives his view on what Xtreme Boot Camps has done for him!*Mark Before and After3a

“In January of this year I embarked on a journey to try and lose some weight, initially it was a competition with work colleagues to raise money for a local charity. By coincidence at the same time a close friend of mine kept on raving to me about a new army style fitness boot camp he had been going to.

After much nagging and quite a few beers to persuade me to give it a go with him I succumbed thinking it could only help me with the competition. On 6th January 2014 I experienced my first Xtreme Boot Camp with James, and what an experience it was…”
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Samira is still smiling after a week at Xtreme Boot Camps!*


Xtreme Boot Camps residential was the most challenging experience I did this year! samira 1Boot camp was how I imagine rigorous army training with great instructors. Adam, an ex PTI with the Army was one of the instructors and was ready to push you outside of your comfort zone and show you how strong a person you could be not just physically but also mentally during all his high intensity training. As well as his “no pain no gain” motto, Adam also went well beyond what I expected by helping me with my nutrition and digestive health problems. He was very approachable and provided sensible and valuable advice. Read more


Zoe Evans, co-founder and owner of Xtreme Boot Camps, makes an example of herself…*

Xtreme Boot Camps Before & After


“After years of working in the corporate world, with no time to exercise or eat properly, I found myself very overweight and out of shape and a size 16. Since starting the company I have trained with Xtreme Boot Camps weekly since October, although I have had periods of time off with a knee injury. I am now a size 12 and I am the fittest I have ever been.*

I do not weigh myself as the instructors always tell me to use a tape measure as the scales can be deceiving, especially as I build muscles I didn’t know I had”… Read more



Andrew gives Xtreme Boot Camps a big Thumbs Up!*

Boot Camp


“I joined on a monthly basis as I felt that the membership option was good value for money and also it would motivate me to go on a regular basis…well one month on and I don’t need any motivation as I absolutely love it!!!!”…

Read Andy’s Story here 



Lucy shares her Xtreme Boot Camps ‘Before and After’ story*

Fitness Boot Camp Reviews UK


“I was a keen sports enthusiast at school especially in hockey and rounders. However, since leaving school, I have found it hard to find sports that I like and I have since piled on the weight and let my fitness levels drop.

I was unhappily unhealthy and the biggest size I have ever been. I tried the regular gyms but gave up through boredom. I have also tried every diet you can think of but find myself back to square one within days. Then in the Summer of 2014 a friend introduced me to Xtreme Boot Camps…”
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Glamorous Gran Poses for Naked Photoshoot after Xtreme Boot Camps*

She may be a grandmother of six, but Sammy Patterson can certainly strike a saucy pose. The 43-year-old Sammy-Pattersontook part in a lingerie shoot after shedding a staggering two stone at a military-style boot camp, the Birmingham Mail reports.  And the results were incredible – with Sammy looking, and feeling, confident at a fighting fit 7st 10lbs*. Sammy, who used to ‘hate’ her flabby body and was left short of breath simply by climbing stairs, joined up to Xtreme Boot Camps at the start of last year. The organisation runs boot camps in Malvern, Worcestershire. And after being put through her paces, Sammy now sports a lithe body she’s proud of. Read the full story here

*Results will vary person to person