Finally, after a long wait and lots of hard work, we are up and running! There have been plenty of dramas along the way. All sorted now, so happy days!

Take a look at our website and see what we have to offer. We have everything you’ll need to reach your fitness goals.

Extreme Fitness Boot Camps UK

              Left to Right: Alan (Instructor), James (Co-Founder of Xtreme Boot Camps & Instructor) 
                  and Karl (instructor), are all Xtremely keen to help you get seriously fit...

Our first Xtreme Boot Camp starts in Stratford-upon-Avon on 21 October and we’re really looking forward to bringing some serious military fitness to our members. Xtreme instructors are highly trained and hugely motivated. Exercise and well-being is our passion and joy.

Training with us will be a new and hugely rewarding experience for you. We regularly take part in other sports, fitness and social events too, so it’s s not just another exercise program you’re undertaking… you are joining the Xtreme Boot Camps team. There is so much we offer, and so much about us, that the best way to see what we are really about is to come along to a boot camp and meet us! We’ll discuss your fitness needs and answer any queries you may have.

Healthy Outdoor Fitness Training Programmes

Perhaps you’d like to experience one of our Residential Boot Camps? From armed forces Recruit camps (where you be seriously put through your paces) to Luxury camps (where you’ll be seriously pampered), we have something for everyone. You can also call or email the team. We’ll be happy to help. Xtremely challenging, Xtremely satisfying, Xtremely fitter, we look forward to meeting you soon!

James Evans, Xtreme Boot Camps Co-Founder and Instructor

Xtreme Boot Camps Official Launch

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