Xtreme Boot Camps is like no other boot camp. We combine our experiences and knowledge to deliver a tough but effective fitness programme. At Xtreme Boot Camps you can be assured that we know how to help you to reach your goals! 

moatIn this day in age fitness is hard. It is not easy with all the temptations that are out there especially when a lot of the jobs we do these days do not require you to be really fit. This is causing health issues and complications with our bodies as we are getting older.

At Xtreme Boot Camps we aim to break that mould.

It takes a lot of dedication and discipline to get fit and maintain it. When you come and stay at Xtreme Boot Camps we will start that process for you and then support you afterwards to continue with your journey.

We believe education is a massive reason why people fail and lose motivation so we w0Q7A8823ill educate you every step of the way. You will walk away with a true understanding of nutrition and what exercises to do and why depending on your goals. There are no fad diets or quick fixes at Xtreme Boot Camps, we are all about health and fitness being an integral and enjoyable part of your life! It does not matter what level of fitness you are at. We will always tailor the programs and education to where you are and where you want to get!

So what to expect when training with us!

We use a variety of training techniques used by our expert team to get clients to their desi0Q7A8809red goals. Mornings will typically be a run that will vary with intensity and length depending on the goal of that run. Every day you will do outdoor circuits which will be a wide variety of exercises which some people will have never heard of before coming to Xtreme Boot Camps. You can expect tyres, powerbags, rope, sleds, kettle bells, plates, balls and much more. You will also do classes in the afternoon such as boxing, swimming and isolation classes.

Throughout your stay there will be challenges to push you mentally and physically. It is all about creating a positive mindset and “can do” attitude. We also spend a day on the Malvern Hills doing a long walk with exercises incorporated into it. IMG_1625

The idea is not only to get you to your goal, whether it be fitter, stronger and leaner but to educate you, By showing you such a wide variety of exercise styles you can really find what you enjoy.

Remember we are not a camp that will focus all our energy on losing weight. We focus on giving you the tools to reach whatever fitness goal you want and most importantly make you believe you can do it yourself with our support. 

The week and the classes willIMG_0775 be very difficult but we have professional chefs who cook all the nutritious meals you need to get through it. You can eat as much as you like too! Us instructors need you to eat as much and fuel as often as you can so we can get the most out of you so you can really empower your lives leaving here!

If you are up for the challenge and want to make a positive change, check out the dates and start planning your visit to Xtreme Boot Camps.

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