Xtreme Boot Camps residential was the most challenging experience I did this year!

Boot camp was how I imagine rigorous army training with great instructors. Adam, an ex PTI with the Army was one of the instructors and was ready to push you outside of your comfort zone and show you how strong a person you could be not just physically but also mentally during all his high intensity training. As well as his “no pain no gain” motto, Adam also went well beyond what I expected by helping me with my nutrition and digestive health problems. He was very approachable and provided sensible and valuable advice.

Zoe (the host) was amazing and made me feel like I was at home during my stay and the food provided was really healthy and very tasty.

Great location, great instructors, great facility and great equipment from tyres, power bags, kettlebells, stretchers (too much to mention even though I packed it up numerous times!) Completing Xtreme Boot Camp was a massive achievement. It motivated me to do even more whilst getting stronger and fitter.

My favourite part of the week was the Malvern Hills hike and rock climbing. But I will never forget the midnight wake up call for a casualty rescue!!!

Now I am ready for my new challenges of 2016.

I would recommend highly Xtreme Boot Camps if you want to push yourself, get stronger, fitter and get a real insight into a week of hard core fitnessĀ training. However be ready for the bug out and the eyes of the Malvern Hills!

Xtreme Boot Camps, I will be back! Still smiling šŸ˜‰


Attended a week long Xtreme Boot Camp during 2015.samira 1

Samira warns you all to get ready for the Bug Out!

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