Xtreme Residential Boot Camps!

Xtreme fitness residential boot camps are like no other boot camp! We are not a weight loss camp per se, we strive to help people from all walks of life reach their true potential whether it be increased fitness or weight loss. Unlike our competitors, we do not believe in quick fixes and low calories to cheat your results. Rather we will teach you how to eat and exercise sensibly to fuel your body to perform to its maximum potential and we give you the tools to continue with your journey after leaving.

Xtreme Fitness Residential Boot Camps will push you to your limits and start you on a journey to new fitness levels. Xtreme Boot Camps is open to anyone over the age of 16 and is suitable for everyone, whatever your goals.  At this boot camp you must be willing to be pushed harder than you have ever been pushed physically before. Read more about why we do things the Xtreme way!

Read our 2018 Brochure to get all your questions answered on how much weight you will lose, how your fitness will improve, what you will eat and what to expect.

New for 2018! Single rooms available on selected weeks!  BOOK HERE!

Friday 23 March – Monday 26 March 2018 £449 n/a
Saturday 14 July – Tuesday 17 July 2018 £449 n/a
Friday 19 October – Monday 22 October 2018 £449 n/a
Friday 23 March – Friday 30 March 2018 £749 n/a
Saturday 14 July – Saturday 21 July 2018 £749 n/a
Saturday 21 July – Saturday 28 July 2018 £749 n/a
Saturday 28 July – Saturday 4 August 2018 £749 £849
Saturday 4 August – Saturday 11 August 2018 £749 £849
Friday 19 October – Friday 26 October 2018 £749 n/a
Saturday 14 July – Saturday 28 July 2018 £1399 n/a
Saturday 21 July – Saturday 4 August 2018 £1399 n/a
Saturday 28 July – Saturday 11 August 2018 £1399 £1599
Saturday 14 July – Saturday 4 August 2018 £1999 n/a
Saturday 21 July – Saturday 11 August 2018 £1999 n/a
Saturday 14 July – Saturday 11 August 2018 £2399 n/a


Our promise to you:

  • Improve overall fitness levels and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Aid sportsmen who want an intensive fitness programme prior to commencing their sporting season
  • Prepare you for a marathon or other sporting challenge
  • Get you into shape and ready for a wedding, holiday or just to feel good about yourself
  • Teach you about good nutrition and how food can help you to reach your goals without fad dieting

We adopt a range of exercises and techniques  developed by our own trainers to ensure that you reach your fitness goals. We will use a variety of exercises and activities throughout your stay with individual and specific programmes geared to your own personal fitness goals. We have not learnt how to train people through a book. We have had years of experience in transforming clients and we can do the same for you.

DPP_0012You will enjoy balanced, delicious and healthy meals throughout your stay.

Trust us, come with an open mind and you will surprise yourself at just how much you can achieve. You will leave us feeling more confident and motivated to continue on your road to greater fitness.

There is no typical day at one of the Xtreme Residential Fitness Boot Camps, but a day might look like this:

05:30 Run
07:00 Breakfast
09:00 Outdoor Xtreme Circuits
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Exercise / Nutrition Lectures
15:00 Swim /Boxing / Body isolation training
18:00 Dinner

“Xtreme Boot Camps does just what is says on the tin. It’s full-on and much more gruelling than your usual weight-loss camp. The instructors are tough and push you to the limits, but you will leave with plenty of cuts and bruises and a sense of achievement that will have you buzzing for days afterwards.”

Rachel, sports journalist

Even after attending an Xtreme Fitness Residential Boot Camps, we want our members to stay in touch and will continue to offer support and motivation. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is a long term commitment and we are in it with you for the long haul.

Our residential boot camps are held at Malvern St. James School in Worcestershire.  The venue is surrounded by stunning countryside and of course the Malvern Hills and has a state of the art gym, sports hall and swimming complex, as well as acres of outdoor space for physical training!

Residential-Military-Fitness-Boot-Camp-UK-300x240Trains run direct from Paddington, London to Great Malvern (less than a minute’s walk from Malvern St. James).

Prices are fully inclusive of all meals and accommodation, fitness instruction and use of facilities . All you need to bring is yourself, a positive attitude, and the items from the kit list we will send to you in advance.

Accommodation is in one of the modern boarding houses offering comfortable accommodation in single beds or bunk-beds in spacious dormitories. Men and women sleep in separate dormitories with their own shower facilities. There are comfortable lounge areas for relaxing at the end of the day or you can explore the beautiful surroundings of the location at your leisure. For 2018 we have a few single rooms available on select weeks with shared bathroom facilities. DPP_0049

Xtreme Fitness Residential Boot Camps is particularly suited to people who are looking for an intensive training programme including how to combine use of a gym and the great outdoors to continue an on-going and effective fitness regime. Join us to see why we have the reputation for being Europe’s toughest and most effective fitness boot camp.


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