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Read Paul’s Story of his time at Xtreme Boot Camps

Paul’s Story What follows is Paul’s story, in his own words. Paul came for a real good kick up the backside I wasn’t sure what to expect from Xtreme Boot Camps as I’ve heard different stories about them and my partner has been to a few. She did try and give me a heads up,… Read more »


JOIN US 2 DECEMBER 2017 FOR THE XTREME CHRISTMAS PUB CRAWL! Tickets on sale now at Xtreme Gyms. £15 and include free t shirt, pre drinks and free shots throughout the day/evening courtesy of our local establishments. The event starts at 12 noon at Xtreme Gyms. You must be a member of Xtreme Boot Camps… Read more »

Alex Reid Joins Xtreme Boot Camps!

MMA fighter and actor Alex Reid joins Xtreme Boot Camps training team! The next Xtreme Boot Camp is being held on 21-28 October 2017 in Malvern, Worcestershire. Clients will join Alex, James and Adam for a week of fitness training ranging from morning runs, HIIT sessions, military style circuits, boxing, swimming and Alex’s MMA workouts…. Read more »

James Review of April’s Boot Camp

April 2017 1

You have seen our guest reviews, but what do Xtreme think? Here, James Reviews April’s Boot Camp and gives an insight into how the instructors found the week. I have to say that I really enjoyed April 2017 residential and I can honestly say it was one of my best boot camps and I trained some… Read more »

Lose Weight Eating Ice-Cream!


Lose weight eating ice-cream!  I got your attention right? So can you really lose weight eating ice cream?! The answer is YES you can!!! However, before you send Ben and Jerry’s sale revenues to an all-time high, hear me out! I have so many people come into my boot camps and gym feeling really excited… Read more »

Should I be relying on a calorie counter?

Load of our clients use a calorie counter which have become a massive craze at the moment! Calorie counters are used to tell us the calories we are burning whilst exercising or during the day. With all the new technology out there promising to count calories burnt and aid you on your fitness journey, we… Read more »

Do not rely on smoothies as part of your 5 a day!

  In this recent article we are rightly being told by Public Health England that smoothies should not be relied upon to provide one of your 5 a day. The reason being smoothies have a lot of fibre stripped from them and this means a lot of sugar remains which as we all know leads to… Read more »

How you eat can affect your job performance

I am always banging on about how discipline in exercise transfers to your everyday lives and this is also the same for what you eat. It is not a coincidence that healthy fit people do better in life. Its a fact! I cannot stress this enough to my clients and boot campers! Being fit and healthy… Read more »

The Dark Side to Juicing

This article in the Daily Mail is a must read: The dark side to juicing: Swapping meals for a liquid diet ‘can lead to migraines, fertility problems and liver damage’ As a fitness expert I cannot stress enough the need to eat whole healthy foods! Sorry guys liquid diets do not work in the long… Read more »

Keeping our children active during the Summer Holidays

The Telegraph reported this month that our children’s fitness levels are wiped out over the Summer Holidays where children are less active. You can read the full article here. So here are a few ideas to help you to keep your kids active during the holidays: Workout with your child. If your exercises are body… Read more »

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